CT FACE ART is CT’s Finest Face Painting Service!

With CT Face Art you receive Full face painting, not a cartoony type flower or heart that most people tend to associate with face painting. CT Face Art is able to accomplish elaborate full face paintings with effortless speed and quality. CT FACE ART adds color and excitement to any event.

Beautiful Face Art In Long Island NY

Want to throw a beautiful birthday party for your child? Want it to be perfect with all of their friends having the time of their lives? It all begins by finding the best birthday party place in Long Island NY and that is what you will find here. This is a birthday party place that is picture-perfect and will let your child enjoy the moment.

face-art-for-birthdayBirthdays should not be boring and with the number of activities they can do at this location, it is an excellent way to have a great time.

Face Art

What can you do at our birthday party place that you would not be able to in other locations? Quality face art is where you begin regarding this fantastic place and what it provides.

Everyone in the party will have the option to go and get their face art to look the way they want to. Who doesn’t want to start looking like a cat or a dog? It is just about getting the right face art design and this place will be the right setting for it.

Getting quality face art done is just a beautiful part of having a birthday.

Special Face Art Designs

Face art is not just about the idea of getting something drawn on the face, but about the unique designs that will be done. If these designs are not up to par, the child and their friends won’t be happy.

This is why a specialist does the designs to make sure the face art is perfect. Don’t you want the face art to look like it has been done by a professional? It does not matter what design they want on their face, it will be done immediately and that is what a birthday party should be all about.

Fun Location

In general, this place will be fun for everyone and should help get the party rolling along. With the amount of space that is present and the activities that take place, you can’t go wrong.

Who doesn’t want to have a memorable birthday party for their child? It is going to be something they will live with forever and you want those memories to be perfect.

This is a fun location that should give you more than you have ever wanted concerning space, quality, and value. It is just the way to go.

Whether it is face art or any other activity, you will enjoy your special moment here for the children and/or any other event you decide to throw. You want to have a great time and what better way to do this than at a location such as ours. In Long Island NY, you won’t ever locate any other setting where you can have this much fun and not even notice as the time races by.

We are the right fit for all of your needs on birthday events. Your child deserves the best and it begins here.


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